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Friday, June 1, 2012

wizard of oz

Did you know that Dorothy’s slippers in the original Wizard of Oz book were in fact silver? To take advantage of the new vivid Technicolor process, Dorothy's silver shoes were changed to ruby slippers for the movie. And this proves one of our “top secret” tips for a classic themed party.

 Photo from our Kids Catalogue - featuring our napkins on a roll

One of the most important decisions that you can make when planning a party is what colour will it be? Over the years and many parties later, I have learnt that some of the best themed parties are where one has exercised restraint when it comes to colour. I follow the “Plascon 70/20/10” rule of decorating a room whereby you pick one colour that will dominant the party (70%), another that will feature alongside (20%) and then finally a pop of colour that will either really stand out front and centre against the other two or possibly just complement the others, so often by default this is white or metallic silver/gold. And thanks to the Wizard of Oz, if you really want to make give your party a “new” look, ditch the traditional typical colours and go for something completely different!

This "swap" idea was brilliantly executed in this Wizard of Oz party by party gurus Kate Landers and printables by Tomkat Studio. Notice the lots of blue and white, with red accents, and not a yellow brick road in sight!

Other very effective colour themes that I like lately include:
Neon and Neutral
Pick your favourite colour but it's neon counterpart and combine it with tan brown/kraft colour. This is something that I am noticing a lot in the shops for clothing and it really looks good at parties too!

White on white
Don’t have any colour and as far as possible make most things white, and create variation in texture instead.

Pick one colour, but create variation within that hue like from a pale, pale pink right up to bright and bold fuchsia pink.

Over the Rainbow
Don’t choose any colours but all of them, creating a rainbow of colour from one end of the spectrum right to the other. Just be sure to follow ROYGBIV and set against a bright white backdrop.

Check out this colourful rendition from Double the Fun Parties – I loved it so much I bought the party plan and it is really brilliant!

Looking for Wizard of Oz party inspiration, check out this good one from One Charming Party.


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