GOOD LOOKS - Mothers Day Garland

Monday, April 27, 2015

herb garland

Instead of making a garland out of paper or fabric, I made one for our Mothers Day Brunch out of herbs. I picked all different kinds of fragrant bunches: rosemary, thyme, lavender and then tied these into little bundles with twine and then pegged these at even intervals on a large piece of twine. In between I tied some ribbon tassels for a bit of colour.

GOOD PLAN - Owl Party Guestbook

keepsake tree

For Zara's Owl Sleepover Party, I bought this Finger Print Tree and cut off the reference to "Our Wedding Day" at the bottom of the canvas print. At the party, all of Zara's friends inked their finger and stamped it anywhere on the tree's branches to look like a pink blossom and below their print they signed their name. A great way to remember the party!

GOOD LOOKS - Cinco De Mayo Ideas

pom pom hats

Get your guests young and old into a festive mood with these brightly coloured party hats. They also make for great photo booth props - and when turned over used as candy and confetti containers.

The Cinco De Mayo Collection

GOOD NEWS - Sunday Sneak Peek

Sunday, April 26, 2015

great gifts for girls

It's Sunday Sneak Peek time, and any day now the NEW! and COMPLETE! Meri Meri 2015 collection will arrive. And we are super excited especially as a lovely new surprise to their offerings are these necklaces! Excited much?

Watch out our blog and our facebook page for news of when the goodies are here...

GOOD LOOKS - Mothers Day Floral Party Sign

party this way

For your Mothers Day celebration, why not create a bit of anticipation by pasting up a few of these posters at the entrance, down the hall and then finally to where the table is all set up! A pretty poster that has been designed to be used for many a occasion, so possibly worthwhile to print extra big or on canvas!

GOOD ON PAPER - Free Printables
The Mothers Day Floral Collection

GOOD PLAN - Gift Opening Game

Saturday, April 25, 2015

gift guess

I recently attended a birthday party where the Mom had hired a Swiss party entertainer to do all the fun and games. It was great because I got to experience lots of new games and activities that I had never done or seen at a party. The one I enjoyed the most is so simple and yet the kids loved it and you don't need anything special at all to play the game.

gift hunt and guessing game


1. As guests arrive most likely with a present in toe, ask them to sit them all on a table, no opening or peeking.
2. The perfect time to play this game is after a few other games have been played, lunch/snacks have been eaten and then maybe just before or after cake is being served and just before pick up.
3. Ask the birthday boy or girl to leave the room, and then tell each birthday guest to find their present on the table and tell them to hide it anywhere in the room. 
4. Invite the birthday child back into the room, and have her/him start hunting for a gift, all the other kids can start shouting "hot" (as she gets closer) or  "cold" (as she gets further away) from a hidden gift.
5. When a gift is found, prior to opening the gift she/he must guess who the gift is from. Once guessed, she/he can open the pressie. (at the same time you may want to write down who gave what for the thank you cards).
6. For extra measure this is a good time for the birthday girl/boy to properly thank and/or hug their friend.
7. Then off to hunt for the next gift. The game is played till all the gifts have been found and everyone thanked. 

GOOD TIP: Straight after this game, I like to then hand out all the favours or have all the birthday guests hunt for their own goodie bag. That way everyone is happy as they all have a little something to treasure.

GOOD LOOKS - Cinco De May

fiesta time

It is Cinco De Mayo on May the 5th and whilst it is not an official Mexican holiday and jokingly celebrated more widely in the US than in Mexico - it is a great reason to throw a fiesta party. This year, we have gone all out with bright and colourful decorations and party tableware options and will be sharing them all this week and can be found in our shop windows...

First up is our big collection of decadent decorations and there are some great new types:
Brightly coloured fabric bunting in hot pink, red, orange, yellow and a bit of blue.
Paper Fan Garlands in a pack of two: one hot pink and the other bright yellow.
An enormous! fan in all the festive colours.
Pom pom garland - great for all round home dècor.
Brightly coloured honeycombs and fans.
An awesome paper strip "flicker" garland as it is called.
And can you spot the giant rose? 


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