GOODIES - Cute Plasters

Thursday, January 29, 2015

magic plasters

When I first saw colourful and patterned plasters I was such a cynic - basically why would you need "decorative" ones for something like a cut finger or sore when the plain ones would do just as well. This stage is what I call #prekids. Now that I have kids, and Bailey especially who is always in the wars, I understand the magic behind these cute little plasters. Sticking on "spaceboy" or "strongman" immediately makes her feel "invincible", the pain is milder and she is keen to get right back up and show her friends the "grave injury". This stage is what I call #baileycracksmeup and #thethingsyouwilldoforyourkids.

p.s. Now I am on the lookout for something that will solve Man Flu!

Cool Plasters in a Tin
R30 (for 30)

GOOD NEWS - Vacancy in JHB

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

shop assistant

This is a unique opportunity to really be in good company. Join our team and play a crucial role in the company's continued growth. We are looking for a full time Shop Assistant. If you love parties (well, who doesn’t?) and have always dreamed of working in a little boutique shop then this is for you.


Based in our bright and colourful Parkhurst Shop, the successful candidate will be experienced in “keeping shop”. She will be sophisticated, well-presented, have excellent written and spoken English skills, and an energetic and bubbly personality.

Her day-to-day activities would include:
- Over-the-counter sales - taking payments, giving change and wrapping purchases.
- She enjoys answering enquiries and giving advice about products and parties to customers. She has a keen ear for listening to customers’ needs and requests, and can forsee new sales opportunities.
- Capturing of sales transactions and petty cash reconciliation.
- Hiring orders – compiling orders, packing and unpacking orders and displaying items.
- Stock control – unpacking, pricing, displaying stock and stocktaking.
- Online orders – packing and posting orders. 

Candidates must be able to demonstrate a proven ability to work independently, have good planning and organisational skills and are computer literate. Previous retail experience is preferred, but not essential.

Don’t be shy - please tell us about yourself; where have you worked before and why you are a good choice.

This is a full-time position.

Starting date: 1 March 2015

Work week: One week Monday to Friday, following week Tuesday to Saturday, 8h30 to 5h30pm.

We offer a competitive salary based on experience.

20 days annual leave, a generous product allowance and legendary party perks.

How To Apply

Send us your CV to

We endeavour to reply personally to all job applications. We look forward to hearing from you!

GOODIES - Lunch Bag Clips

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

retro bag clips

Last year, I was really into collecting funky salt and pepper shakers, this year I think I am on to something new: bag clips. They are fun and functional: I use mine to seal all the open snack packets or baking goods in my pantry and fridge. They also work well to seal lunch sandwich bags and party treat bags - and act as a cool party favour too! I love the latest ones we just got in; as now I can gift them to adults (not that I think some of my friends were perturbed with last year's little bears and kittens).

GOODIES - Heart Bunting

Monday, January 26, 2015


Our window in our Swiss shop is full of "love" at the moment. I particularly like the white heart bunting that I strung up. The hearts alternate between being plain and having small hearts and a swirl cut out of them - so it adds a touch of romance to our window (and your party) without being to OTT! Plus the honeycomb hearts are a great buy at R100 for 3.

Love Struck Bunting
The bunting is 3.5 metres long.

Each heart is 17.5cm Wide and 16.5cm High.

GOODIES - Sneak Peek Sunday

party time

One of the categories that has often been neglected when it comes to partyware are goodies for grown ups. You can get a few plain pieces but nothing that says "YAY! It's my Birthday! - and I'm now an adult!". But you will be pleased to hear that in 2015 we have lots of new exciting and stylish ranges coming that are great for Sweet 16s, 18 Birthdays, 21sts, 30ths, 44s - really any year or for that matter any day you want to celebrate.

This PARTY TIME range is bang on trend: full of soft sorbet colours but then lots of pops of bright neon colours and gold accents. Goodies include plates, cups, napkins, straws and then hats, poppers, confetti, honeycombs and even a limited edition pinata!

Planning my 36th as we speak folks!

GOODIES - Wall Stickers Showcase

Saturday, January 24, 2015

style stickers

I have cut my blogroll to about 6 blogs at the moment, I read them daily, largely because they post great ideas EVERY DAY and I definitely don't want to miss out. One of these is Style By Emily Henderson - and I am sure you follow her to so most likely no introductions necessary. 

Yesterday, she had a guest post from Orlando and I loved how he showed the most awesome room transformation ever - especially as we stock those polka dot wall stickers and the design is totally do-able! Pretty cool hey?

GOOD FUN - Party Game Series Pin the Tail

Thursday, January 22, 2015

pin the tail

Do you remember all those wonderful party games that you used to play when you were little, like pass the parcel, musical bumps or the chocolate game (my fav.)? With our new weekly party series, we are bringing back these golden oldies for some good old-fashioned fun - celebrating the traditional way.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a classic party game that is great for indoors and can be adapted for any party theme (age 4+). You can buy ready prepared kits for this game or if you would rather make your own all you need is a picture of a tailless animal along with enough tails for each child, a blindfold and some pins to attach the tails. Each child takes it in turns to pin the tail as close to the point where the tail should be, whilst blindfolded. 

Alternative themes include pin the crown for a princess party (get Elsa here), pin the nose on Olaf (here) and pin the patch on the pirate for a pirate party (free printable included as part of our book FOR GOOD TIMES). Find pin the tail games from our shop here and here.

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