GOOD LOOKS - Oktoberfest Decorations

Monday, September 22, 2014

festive festoons

For 200 years the Octoberfest is located in the same area: The Theresienwiese, a flat area of about 42 hectare in the Munich quarter Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt. The area Theresienwiese has its name from Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen who married 1810 Prince Ludwig of Bavaria. Their marriage celebration was the first Octoberfest.  "Wiese" is the german word for grassland. So "Theresienwiese" means "grassland of Therese".

So for an authentic Oktoberfest party, we set up tables in near a field and decorated the space with Oktoberfest blue and white helium balloons tied with twine and blue bunting customised with black vinyl letter stickers.

GOODIES - Sneak Peek

fetch my keys

We've found an easy way to find your keys. Fetch My Keys is a dog shaped key ring designed to fetch your keys (or at least alert you to where they are) should you lose them down the back of your couch. Whistling sets off a beeper inside the key ring, and causes the dog's nose to flash, guiding you to them like a good companion should.

GOOD LIFE - Woodland Masks

little critters

One of my favourite party favour ideas is to give something that can also be part of the party itself. For Bailey's Woodland party as guests arrived they got to choose a little felt mask (made by Mahalo) and then pose in the forest with their friends for an instant photo. The kids loved the activity and I giggled when at first they said the camera didn't work because there was no picture!

p.s. we hire instant cameras here.

GOOD LOOKS - Oktoberfest Sign

Sunday, September 21, 2014


The first part of any party I plan is the invitation, and then the second part are the decorations. This is made up of various categories (overhead, table, buffet, bar etc) but I also like to decorate the way to the entrance or the entrance itself - basically saying to the guests "the party is this way" and "you're in the right place". For the Oktoberfest this was easily achieved as in most hardware and décor stores you can find these metal signs. If you can't find a sign to suit your theme, then another idea I often use is to customise the invitation into a mini poster and stick these to the door or gate.

* German for sign

GOODIES - Sneak Peek


Just a little Sunday sneak peek at one of the new goodies arriving this week!

GOOD LIFE - Bailey's Woodland Party Dress Up

a little racoon

For the party, I decided to dress up Bailey, just a little bit. She wore one of the stunning Woodland party dresses designed by Belle and Boo, and then I added a OeufNYC racoon tail and a mask I bought from Mahalo (on esty). She loved have a custom outfit but could still easily run around!

GOOD LOOKS - Octoberfest Invitation

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Today kicks off the start of the official Oktoberfest in Munich and on our blog. The classic colours of this Bavarian festival is blue and white in a harlequin pattern; but it is pretty hard to find partyware along these lines outside of Germany (I did manage to pick up a few here in the German side of Switzerland). However, this forced me to get creative and to think outside the box and in the end I was pretty impressed with the overall look. So, starting off with the invite:

I used our Meri Meri fill-in Blue and White Invitations that we stock and simply added a pretzel to the twine to make it look "oktoberfestive". Proving that your actual invitation need not be theme specific, and that if you get the right colours all you need to do is add a little tag/figurine/ornament/sticker that suits the theme to the invite.

p.s. thought I would share some German vocabulary with each post - I always joke that I can't speak German or very little and not surprisingly the German I do speak is "party related".


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