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Thursday, May 31, 2012

of good character

We hope you enjoyed our Princess and the Pea party series, and if you are just joining us – we are showcasing our Kids Catalogue over the next few weeks, each page was inspired by a fairytale. We love some of the featured fairy tales so much that we have thrown together some more detailed party ideas and pictures for some of them to share, but for all of the themes we are going to be sharing some of our “tried-and-tested” kids party rules. This next one is one I always practice as it really gives you a classic party instead of a “cheesy” one.

When planning a party based on your child’s favourite movie, television or book character, for a true classic look – follow the principle less is more. Not every party product needs to feature their image, just use one item for the party that features the actual character, whether it is a figurine as the cake topper, the book as a guest book or a poster for the backdrop or welcome sign. Then let colour do the rest.

For example in this photo from our Kids Catalogue the only sure fire clue that this is an Alice in Wonderland party is the little plastic figurine on the cake stand, the rest of the collection is actually a vintage tea party range that only displays pretty florals and more grown up tea party pieces.

Speaking of Alice, ever since we can remember this has been one of our favourite party themes and yours too. So all this week and next we are going to be sharing our top favourite ideas for an Alice in Wonderland party. Do I hear squeals of delight?


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