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Friday, August 26, 2011

out and about

So photos of our shop are LONG overdue! But I thought it would be fun to show you the before and after pics! First up, the outside. To be honest you will notice one little thing is missing - our sign! Yes, I know probably the most important thing but I ordered the wooden letters from overseas from Woodland Manufacturing (the same guys that did the lovely LONNY sign in their office) so I knew it would be delayed.

The letters have arrived now and they are gorgeous! So, it is for my handyman (aka my dad) to figure out how to put it all together. Shame I think he regrets the day he said he will help me out! You should see how many things he had to do inside the shop for me too!


Back to the outside, here are some of the "quick fixes" we did - I am sure many of these ideas would be great for your home too!
- There were a lot of colours going on outside, so we painted everything we could in black like the poles and the wood at the top of the windows. (In you home, this would for example be where you paint all your trimmings (ceiling cornices, windowsills etc.) one colour).


- We needed something big that would say "hey! In Good Company is here!" without having a garish arrow sign. So, we dual purposed our canopies: we had a cover over our windows and our signature black and white stripes were now big and bold for all to see (In one's home, a bold pattern on curtains would do the same trick - likewise wall paper!).

- We had huge glass windows that we wanted to keep clear of any signage but at the same time we needed to have our name somewhere. Vinyl stickers were the answer, our name, and a little pink bird are discreet but delightful. (In your home, you might also have huge windows or maybe you live in a rental and the walls need to remain white - then wall stickers are your new best friend!)

- With everything looking a bit stark, we knew the quickest and easiest way to break it was foilage. So two little topiaries were placed either side of our door to mimic our IGC illustrations done by the very talented Keiko Morimoto. (In your home, whatever room it is and especially an entrance create an entrance with some living potted plants - the transformation is remarkable).

- We had a UGLY trellidoor but knew we had to have the security, so we thought we might as well make a feature of it, so now I like to think our entrance has a bit of 5th Avenue flair - what do you think? (Same goes for your house, if you have to put in security, do it in style!)

So much more to do, but I think we are getting there. I keep reminding myself it is a marathon not a sprint!


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