Saturday, May 4, 2013

in a jar or a jug

For Mothers Day or any occasion that calls for a bouquet of flowers; instead of buying over complicated fancy arrangements, I usually do my own little DIY posie. The key for me is the container. I buy a container that is in itself the gift: think a beautiful ceramic jug, a unique shaped glass vase, cute wooden or tin bucket, a tin or ceramic storage jar or even something more unusual like a ceramic toothbrush holder. The more decorative the better!

Then buy store-bought flowers, the secret here is to:
1 - Buy more than one bouquet - when it comes to flowers more really is more!
2 - Go for flowers that are all the same kind and in one colour, or hues of the same colour. Your flowers will look less "cheap" when they are seen in mass and in monotone. (Avoid any bouquet that only has one/two of each flower).
3 - Whatever you do, remove the "cheesy" filler flowers like baby's breath. The only time these look good is if they are the only flower in a huge bouquet.


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