GOOD LIFE - My Cinco De Mayo Party

Monday, May 6, 2013

fiesta fun!

Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo, and unfortunately it coincided with an Expo that In Good Company Switzerland was participating in. But not one to pass up any opportunity to decorate, I created a whole Mexican theme table for a braai that Liam hosted yesterday. Even though I missed the whole thing, it was good fun especially when I received some snapshots on my phone with everyone in moustaches!

I know you might not believe me, but then again I am sure you know me by now to see that it is most likely true - but most of the things I used for the party I already had at home. It is worth it to build up a party cupboard over time, that way when you can really throw a party mostly with things you already have.

The red and yellow table runners come on a roll. They can be used multiple times, but are not so precious that if they do get stained you don't mind throwing them away. You can also tear them along their perforated lines into smaller pieces for place mats or dinner napkins.
The paper napkins with their red and white stripes were leftover from Christmas. You rarely use a full pack of napkins, so buy patterns rather than themed ones, that way you can use them for different occasions.

The red  and black candlesticks, I have used countless times for all sorts of occasions. And the dinner candles in white, red, green and yellow were also leftovers from previous parties. Whilst I hardly ever use candlelight for day functions, it suited me this time as it "filled" up the table.

For flowers and arrangements, I bought fruit: chillies, lemons and limes. It suited the theme to a tee plus one can actually use it afterwards. Same goes for my peonies - I am actually planning on using them for my Mothers Day table (of course I am setting the table!).

I also bought some potted dahlias rather than cut ones, that way they get to decorate my patio for a few weeks afterwards. And then I even found some fake geraniums that I put into metal tin buckets to decorate the bar area.

Speaking of which, I set up a mini self service bar area largely because I had bought 3 years ago these plastic margarita glasses and I knew I just had to use them. I have no idea what goes in a margarita, so my husband wrote me a shopping list - but I totally ignored it as when I got to the bottle store they had this premix with a sombrero hat lid! Too cute hey!

Sorry to say, but the husband was set on having braai food, so no tips to share for a Mexican Menu. But if I was planning the food I would have made nachos, Mexican Salad (normal salad but throw in red beans and mealies) and then have all the makings of wraps.

For fun I wrote place cards with the "names" of fake moustaches. Also, I found little mini cacti plants from IKEA and Mexican flower votive candles.


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