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Sunday, February 3, 2013

barbie and tin tin

For Vanessa's Valentine's Day Party, she "broke" all the rules, and had Barbie flirting with Tin Tin and badgers chatting up foxes... What I like about the shoot is that it shows a great idea when you are throwing a party: raid your kids' toy closet. 

More often than not for your child will select a party theme based around one of their favourite characters and whilst many of us will then spend many days trying to find the paper cups, plates and napkins bearing this character - we forget that their toys, and figurines make for the perfect party accessories:

1. Download images off their website and frame these to make a backdrop or place inside freestanding frames as part of the table centrepieces.
2. Download images and cut these into triangles to make your own pennant bunting.
3. Use large figurines alongside small bunches of flowers for table centrepieces. Or to create height place on top or inside of pretty gift boxes/tins.

One could even make cute little flags for the characters to hold or tie a helium balloon to their hand or have them holding giant lollipops.

4. Use small figurines to decorate the cake, or in the case of Barbie build the cake around her! Use even smaller figurines to decorate cupcakes.
5. Buy tiny figurines as party favours for the kids. Make them to "double-duty" and have a mini treasure hunt where kids have to find their favour.
6. Checkout the character's website for activities, you will be amazed at their ideas and free printables they already have, over and above the traditional colouring in pages.


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