GOOD LOOKS - Construction Party Dress Up

Saturday, November 3, 2012

men at work

If Halloween is anything to go by, kids adore dressing up, so I really do like the idea of having some props for the little guests to wear and then take home as part of their party favours. For this party, a lot of fun can be had by asking the children to come dressed in denim jeans and sleeveless white vests and then all you have to do is supply the yellow helmets - we have these cute paper ones from Meri Meri.

Also, for the birtday boy (or girl) you may want to give them a special outfit (I often do this as it is also part of one of their birthday pressies). Look at this cool kit I found at Mr Price Home. And if you are into DIY you could make your own as I spotted these visor vests at Makro - albeit for adults so you would need to do a little bit of sewing.

Big Rig Construction Hats
R100 for 8


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