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Sunday, July 15, 2012


A guaranteed way to bring a theme alive to a party is to ask your guests to dress the part! It needn't be difficult - for example a simple blue dress and a black hair band can pull off the Alice look. 

To make it worth your guests while, here are our top tips for a dressing up party:
1. Be sure to write the details on the invitation, so that everyone knows to dress up!

2. Set up a makeshift photo booth (simply hang up a pretty sheet on a clothesline with a few pegs) and have a polaroid camera available for guests to take their own photos.

3. Have some props to further extend the theme: white wooden letters to spell words, bunnies, pig, chalkboard signs etc.

4. How about buying our very own printable Alice In Wonderland Photo Booth Props (simply print, cut and stick to little skewers).

5. Have prizes for the best dressed, worst dressed, most original etc. 

6. Better yet hire a professional photographer to take the photos, and these can then be printed and posted to the guests with the thank you cards after the party.

Alice in Wonderland Series


sarah alwahidi said...

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you realy i'm doing this theem for my sister's birthday realy thank's

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