GOOD LOOKS - Baby Animal Shower Flowers

Saturday, July 21, 2012

tiger lilies

For the real life Baby Animal shower that I hosted, inspiration hit on my way to dropping my kids off at school. Right next to the school is an open filed where every season they grow something different and as it is Summer here in Switzerland, they have fields and fields of flowers.

And luck would have it they had rows of orange "tiger" lilies - perfect for the jungle themed table.

The part I like best is that you pick your own flowers and you pay by simply popping the money into a tin drum. 

Then as we walked further up the road look what was growing on the side of the road!

But the "shopping" did not stop there, my girls' school is right next to a farm and they have a food stall where they sell fruit fresh from the farm and that specific day the farmer's wife was clearing out her cupboards and I was able to pick up for free 6 stunning green glass jars.

The Decorations


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