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Friday, June 8, 2012

brunch in Zurich

So yesterday was a holiday here in Zug, which as it is a Catholic canton we get the day off but the other Protestant cantons like Zurich it is business as usual. So we decided we would take a quick drive up town to the "Big City" as Zara calls it and walk around the streets and shops. So even though we only ended up there for under two hours before the girls called it quits, here are some of the things we did and saw for a bit of a behind the scenes of what I have been up to. The rest of the day you will be excited to know was spent doing the In Good Company Spring catalogue 2012 - it is a goodie!

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 Pic 1 - Had a good giggle seeing this businessman outside Credit Suisse Head Office reading his newspaper on his white couch!
Pic 2 - Went to the original Sprungli & Lindt Shop and Restaurant (it is 100's of years old) - how cool is their "signature" cappucino.
Pic 3 - Zara and Bailey had their Burchermuesli complete with a silver spoon and tea tray. Did you know the Swiss invented muesli - and this one included the most amazing muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit!
Pic 4 - Had to get a photo of the Teuscher windows - they are always so OTT - and I nearly died when Zara exclaimed she "loves it!".

Pic 1 and 2 - Zurich Church Towers and lovely blue skies!
Pic 3 - The window of Louis Vuitton all made out of paper cut Peter Pan and Lace collared shirts.
Pic. 4 - it is official, I want a city bike complete with basket and blooms in front!
Pic 1 - Always amazed at the florists in Europe, I mean look at those blue hydrangeas!
Pic 2 and 3 - Some Zurich fountains - of course the girls made us stop at everyone so they could play with the water...
Pic 4 - The number where we parked our car, and without even knowing Zara remembered it off by heart! Liam guessed 217 - ha ha!


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