GOOD LOOKS - Super Hero Fathers Day

Friday, June 15, 2012


So, I have to be honest my Superhero Party has been hi-jacked. I had all these great BIG plans but it seems some "kryptonite" has snuck in and making things a bit hard to get things together to show you before Fathers Day, so hopefully I will have some post "party" pics to share...

Nonetheless, I have mananged to send off the grandfathers' gifts this week, to Grandad (Liam's dad) we sent a very cool Izola hamper (p.s. check out the next post that will feature some new items that just arrived in) and to Grandpa (my dad) we always give him the same gift every year. He has always enjoyed reading the newspaper and magazines, so we get him his annual subscription either to the Sunday Times/The Star/The Times magazine etc.  and this year I added a bit of hero fun too!

Looking for some Hero Party inspiration? Dawn from Not Just a Mommy did an amazing Fathers Day version - check it out here.


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