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Saturday, March 17, 2012

a good table indeed

You may have noticed a number of illustrations on our website and other company stationery. All of these are done by the very talented Keiko Morimoto. We have never "met" but were introduced by a mutual friend Nikki of Intrigue. Nikki had commissioned some lovely illustrations for her My Little Black Book project in Switzerland and after minutes of seeing Keiko's work I knew I had to get her to do a few for In Good Company. Luckily, she agreed and it has been a firm relationship ever since.

And now as I venture in opening a little (very little) version of In Good Company here in Switzerland, Keiko has once again done some amazing work for the Swiss website. And luckily, our South African shop gets to benefit with the lovely illustrations too. So, in short look what is going up in our NEW hire room this week - brilliantly printed by Printwild onto canvas 2 metres big!


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