GOOD TIES - Ribbon Revelry

Monday, January 9, 2012

idea no. 4

tying the knot

Follow Irish tradition, and have a hand fastening ritual during the ceremony, just before the rings are exchanged: Pick ribbons of varying textures and materials that match the colours of your wedding or have special significance: like the trim from your grandmother’s wedding gown. During the ceremony, stand facing each other and cross your arms in front of your bodies. Now, hold your partner’s hands so that together your arms create a figure-eight, or the symbol for infinity.

Then have important people, maybe your best man or maid of honour, take a ribbon each and tie it around your wrists and through your hands to bind the two of you together. Have them finish with a visible knot. The officiant can then say a prayer or you can recite your vows while your hands are tied together.


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