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Monday, October 3, 2011


With the World Cup on so early in the morning, we have taken to having friends over for breakfast instead of a braai. It is a bit odd eating croissants well watching conversions, but then good old boerewors goes down well no matter what time of the day it is. 

Also, I discovered a new found love for paper napkins. Usually, I avoid them and only use them for kids parties, but I realise there are some real lovely ones available and they can actually be the star of the table - like these ones from Greengate are gorgeous.

- The colour palette of baby blue and brown lends itself to any occasion, especially when both girls and guys are in attendance. It still can be "pretty" without being too "girly". Also, touches of red and pink can make for a great colour scheme that suits most seasons - I am doing this colour scheme for Christmas!
- For an easy breakfast centrepiece, pile croissants and other pastries on a tiered plate stand. Tie a ribbon at the top, and add a few fern leaves at the bottom for interest.
- Pretty paper napkins are a great choice for a casual get together, and patterned ones can bring across a theme nicely. 
- Supermarket flowers can be made to look quite fancy, simply cut really short, arrange in tight bunches and place inside glass votives that have been sprayed with metallic paint.


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