GOOD PLAN - Games Night Bar

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


For the highlight of the evening, set up a whiskey bar and you will want to follow our suggestions:

1.             Guys will often have a preferred whiskey but still be open to trying new things, so have an assortment on hand as a way to introduce new favorites.
2.             Encourage guests to bring their more exotic preferences along. It'll expand the assortment and keep costs down. Just make sure everyone knows the headcount. That way there'll be plenty of everything to go around.
3.             For the best whiskey, look for a single malt variety that has been aged for at least 15 years.

4.             In addition to a Whiskey Sour, Manhattan and Godfather, try other popular cocktails that involve whiskey, including a Mint Julep or a Bourbon Highball.
5.             Try a few crossover whiskeys. They're mild enough to keep culture shock to a minimum while introducing the palate to something new and different.
6.             Maintain whiskey at an even temperature to keep the flavour from changing.

7.             Serve whiskey in tumblers, especially when adding ice or mixers. There are also tulip-shaped whiskey glasses that are wide at the base, then taper towards the top; this glass is designed to concentrate the aroma in the area of your nose, which should enhance your whiskey tasting.
8.             Label each glass with a stick-on chalkboard moustache – that way everyone knows whose glass is whose and makes for fun drinking photos.
9.             Set out coasters to protect any wooden surfaces – these Scrabble ones are ideal for such a games night – and make a cute party favour.

10.          One last observation: Whiskey tastings are supposed to be fun and genial throughout. There's no right or wrong opinion. That's why there are so many whiskeys around to choose from.


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