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Saturday, June 25, 2016

sheriff school

For Bailey's Cowboy Party, we welcomed the guests to Sheriff School. Here the kids would enrol into a class and learn a skill or two and hopefully by the end of the day become fully fledged Sheriffs (badge and all).

Our first lesson was Square Dancing. For older kids you could probably teach them a real move or two, but as the kiddies were little we pretty much played your standard stock musical statues to Cowboy music.

Our 2nd lesson was Corn Tossing. I have been throwing kids parties for years and the idea of tossing a themed item into a tin/bucket/box/hoop is always a hit. In this case, I found some fake corn cobs and chillies and the kids had to aim them into the galvanised mini buckets. Easy and so much fun we played rounds and rounds of this!

Join us tomorrow for the next training lessons...


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