FOR GOOD TIMES - Cowboy Party Decorations

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Set the mood from the very beginning with one or more WANTED posters to greet guests at the door. Equally, make sure guests arrive to the haunting strains of ragtime or old–timey saloon piano music for a party worthy of an Old Wild West town. 

WANTED Printable Poster | Electronic format of a Close Up Photo of Guest of Honour(s) | Printer | White Paper | Scissors | Glue Stick 

1 – Print the photo of the guest of honour A6 in size, formatted to be in the centre of an A4 Page. 
2 – Print the Printable Party WANTED POSTER. 
3 – On the poster, cut out the centre so that when placed on top of the printed photo page, the image is shown through. 
4 – Glue the Photo Page underneath the WANTED Poster page together. 
5 – Stick with Prestik to the wall/door at your party entrance. GOOD IDEA Create a smaller version of the above poster and give these out as invitations to your party with the details on the back. 

Create a larger (A2 or bigger) version on very thick cardboard and/or stick to polystyrene/chipboard. Cut out the centre to create a photo booth prop.


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