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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ladybug birthday

In Switzerland, every May every shop suddenly has ladybirds on everything. I thought it a bit odd, but it all made a bit of sense when I learnt that in German a ladybug is a "maikäfer" which directly translates to a May beetle. So with May only a few short weeks away, I decided to put together some ideas for a Ladybug themed Birthday party showcasing how the simple use of a printable party and our colourful party supplies you can successfully pull of any party theme any month of the year all in one afternoon!

Just push and print the invite, fill in the details and voila! A party invitation that is too cute for words. I popped the paper in a colour envelope and trimmed with a little shamrock and ladybird I found at the grocery store. 

GOOD IDEA: Fancy stationery supplies are not always required - keep your eyes open; often things like colourful enevlopes and themed stickers can be found in the most unlikely places - grocery stores, nurseries, "crazy stores" and even the hardware!

This printable party had allsorts of decor options: bunting, paper chains, posters and when paired with red balloons/honeycombs/lanterns you can easily set the scene. But my favourite idea was making these little paper flowers... The fower template came with the printables, and then I reused these little pots from an Easter party. (Another cheap and cheerful at the nursery).

The great thing about printable parties is that with their little party circles; plain party supplies (cups, plates, napkins) become custom and theme specific instantaneously!

Two cute ideas I spotted on Pinterest along ladybird lines: ladybug lemonade and chocolates made into ladybugs with little almonds for wings...

This party theme suits birthdays for young toddlers or baby showers - so for these type of parties I can up with these three activities:

1 - Nature Scavenger Hunt

2- Colour In Competition

3 - Ladybird Guestbook Poster
Where guests stamp a red fingerprint and sketch in the bug details (spots, head and feelers) and write their name.

Last but not least, little party favour bags (these Sambellina Treat boxes are my fav.) were filled with themed chocolates and stationery. 

Even if you are not throwing a ladybug burthday, the little paper flowers make for the prettiest topper for birthday pressies!


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