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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

summer in stages

Every year for the past three years, we host a big Summer Party and each year it gets easier and easier. The great thing about planning a season themed bash is that when it comes to shopping for decorations and tableware you don't mind investing in some nice pieces because you will be able to use them not only for the whole summer season but can put them in storage and bring them out every year. As long as you stick to bright colours and not too theme specific you only then need to swap out the paper napkins and some garlands...

Here's a little peek at my "Summer Collection" over the years.

For our first Summer party, most of the budget went on basics like the braai, outdoor furniture, so to be honest the only "fun" thing I bought that year were these painted little tins (and a matching bowl and salad servers) that I use as toothpicks and cutlery holders...

This year, I was so luckily at the last minute to pick up 24 colourful Laguiole steak knives on a 50% sale!

Finally after 3 years of paper cups and plates, I treated our table to proper ceramicware - these gorgeous plates are part of Rice Denmarks Collection.

This year I am wanting to look into a more permanent outdoor lighting solution (I'm thinking festoon lights) and for fun I know we are going to be stocking some pretty cool marquee lights that will be the talk of the town! 

What are your summer plans?


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