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Friday, January 29, 2016

tiki bar

For any Summer Party, one must definitely have a self service Bar area. You want to be able to enjoy the party isntead of being bartender all night but you also want to make sure your guests don't go thirsty or struggle to find a glass! 

On our counter inside (out of the heat) and right by the patio, I set up a Drinks Station. There were other drinks outside but here was an easy spot for guests (especially little ones) to get some water, punch and my signature drink of the day - The Hugo (the recipe for which I will be sharing tomorrow).

The key elements for any bar is a drinks dispenser, tumblers, red wine glasses and paper cups. And then my favourite part is the decorations and this time I did a few DIYs...

DIY 1: I bought a giant white canvas and painted my own custom backdrop to suit the theme.

DIY 2: I bought a white wooden cut out pineapple from Typo and then used black stick on letters from the Hardware store to "label" the BAR area as such.

DIY 3: I bought some pink and green hatboxes from IKEA and then swapped the lids so that the boxes mimiced watermelons and I penned in the pips with a black marker (pretty proud I came up with this one!).


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