GOOD PLAN - A Knight's Tale Costume

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

no-sew knights costume

For our Knight's Tale party we made these striking suits of "armour" - and they did not require a single stitch, and look very much the part especially when a shiny velvet fabric is used. 

Silver Velvet Fabric
Pinking Shears
Curtain Tassel Tie Back or Thick Rope 

1 - For each child, measure the width of the child’s back and add 5cm. Then, measure the height of the child's back (from knee to shoulder); double that figure and add 10cm. 
2 - With pinking shears, cut a piece of silver velvet fabric to those dimensions. 
3 - Fold the fabric in half and on the fold centre cut a semi circle approximately 10cm in diameter. 
4 - Drape each tunic evenly over the child’s back. 
5 - Finally, loop a curtain tassel tieback (or thick rope) around the child’s waist tying it in a bow. 

Cut a cross or heart designs out of purple or green felt, and hot-glue one to the centre of each tunic's front side. 

These party ideas come from our book For Good Times
Get the complete party plan, as well as 11 other great party themes here. 
Plus, all the free printables!  
Recipes and Food Styling by Taryne Jakobi
Photography by Vanessa Lewis


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