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Thursday, June 4, 2015

painted flowers

Yesterday morning, my friend Donna and I planned a morning breakfast for our friend Jen who is leaving Switzerland to return back to the US. Donna is a great cook, so where she organised the menu, I got to do my favourite thing: plan a craft activity! 

I know it is not necessary to plan an "activity" when it comes to having breakfast with your friends but it has kind of become my "thing" and more often than not five minutes before everyone I arrives I think I should just scrap the whole thing - but it is also often the most memorable thing about the mornings we spend together! 

It's fun to do creative things, even silly things! Things that we used to do as a kid where you get to experiment, have fun and not worry if you are doing it right or perfectly. So yesterday, we painted!

Having just received the new Meri Meri Painted Flowers Collecton in stock, I knew immediately that I wanted to use the paper goodies on my table. And it was their title "painted" that actually gave me the idea for the craft activity.

The breakfast was just at my house, so I lay the table with all my basic white tableware, silver flatware and a pale yellow linen tablecloth. The new Meri Meri Ombre Placemats brought soft water colours to each place setting (I love how they gold embossed "Bon Appetit" in the centre of each one). The Painted Flowers Napkins provided the colour and also inspired the flowers I arranged.

I couldn't find poppies at the florist but I managed to find a few fake ones at a home store. Mixed with the real freesias you can't actually see the difference.

This was Donna's domain: The highlight being the sweet French toast she made (normal eggs and milk but add a bit of brown sugar to the mixture) served with bacon and maple syryp! Alongside, she bought some fresh croissants and I did a platter of cold meats, salmon and cheese - and then some fresh strawberries and blueberries for afterwards. But really we just ate tons of the French toast!

It is surprisingly easy to organise a mini painting session: I used the Meri Meri Painted Flower paper plates as palettes and the paper cups for water - and then all I needed to get were some painting boards, brushes and paint! 

The instructions were easy: paint whatever you like. I was inspired to paint the Meri Meri Napkins, Chris painted the lake view, Donna did abstract art of all her favourite colours and Jen painted a photo of her recent trip to Portugal. It was great fun!


My favourite thing of the day? Jen discovering that the mini easels I had used to hold place cards perfectly hold an iPhone so easy to set up a photo of what you want to paint.

 And everyone got to take their art home as a little memento!


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