GOOD PLAN - Pony Party Cake

Monday, April 13, 2015

pony cake

For Bailey's Pony Party, one of the main focal points I wanted was a proper fancy cake. The girls have never had one, so this was the year I decided to go all out for a professional baker - and Gillian of Gillian Cakes did an amazing job! She made a two tiered cake covered in pale pink fondant with a white wooden fence and little sugar daisies. On the top of the cake she made a little fondant Dala Horse - which was just for Bailey!

The great thing about a Pony Party theme is that it is actually really easy to make a fancy homemade cake too! Especially if you use this awesome cake topper kit we have in stock, or my friend Christina had her daughter's pony party a few weeks later and used dyed green coconut for grass, plastic toy ponies on top and even had some chocolate chips droppings!


Kasandra said...

I had my wedding in April last year but only began planning in February. Fortunately for me, I found this planner. Even with some event planning under my belt-- I had no idea what I was doing most of the time. In such a short time the event planner really helped me piece everything together for my big day which was only 2 months away!

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