GOOD PLAN - Owl Sleepover Tents

Thursday, April 16, 2015

a row of tents

For Zara's Owl Sleepover party, I was inspired by this idea and therefore managed to track down these cute little tents. I then added some flower fairy lights that I actually had used years ago for Zara's bedroom and my mom made each of the little girls their own owl fleece blanket. The fabric was really reasonable and the girls loved all having matching blankets - in fact only just the other week one of the girl's mom's smsed me to show a photo of her daughter still sleeping with the blankie!

A trio of fabric tents.

Flower Fairy Lights

Zara's Owl sleeping bag (her birthday present from Pottery Barn Kids)

Fleece Blankets made by mom and rolled up to look like sleeping bags with owl ribbon.


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