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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

blind man's bluff

At Zara's sleepover we played Blind man's bluff - a variant of tag in which the player who is "It" is blindfolded.And instead of a blindfold I had little Owl Sleep masks made from felt.


There are several versions of the game:
In one version, the first player tagged by It then becomes It, and another round of the game is played.
In another version, whenever any player is tagged by It, that player is out of the game. The game proceeds until all players are out of the game, at which point another round of the game starts, with either the first player or the last player to be tagged becoming the next It player.
In yet another version, It feels the face of the person tagged and attempts to identify the person, and only if the person is correctly identified does the person become It.
And did you know in a unique Japanese version, young girls dress up in their kimonos and the blind-folded girl must catch or touch the other girls both while blindfolded and at the same time carrying a full cup of tea.


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