GOOD PLAN - Owl Party Games: Nail Polish Game

Friday, April 24, 2015

nail polish game

For the Owl Sleepover Party, I asked Kim about a great party game she had at her Tomkat Studio PJ Party. The game is called Spin the Bottle, but it is done using nail polish - it is so much fun!

Nail Polish in all different colours (one for each player)
Nail Polish remover and cotton will (for spills)

The girls sit in a circle around a tray. The first player spins a nail polish bottle, and whoever the top of the bottle points to then paints one finger/toe with that colour (or asks an adult for help). A new bottle is then spun and play continues as each player spins and paints one finger/toe nail at a time (changing the bottle each time). The first person to have painted all ten fingers/toes, can pick a bottle of nail polish to keep. The second person, can then select the next bottle etc. until all girls have their fingers painted and a bottle of nail polish as a prize.


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