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Friday, April 17, 2015

musical games

By far one the best children's party games must be musical statues/bumps or chairs. To play musical games you need a fun CD or your iPod as children will love dancing to their favourite songs. For musical statues, get the children to dance about and when the music stops they have to keep as still as possible. The one that moves the most is out and keep playing until you have a winner. Musical bumps is a similar game but instead of standing still, players have to sit down. The last person to sit down is out. If you have enough room, musical chairs is another fun game where players have to dance about until the music stops, at which point they have to find the nearest chair to sit on. Make sure there is always one less chair than the amount of players so there will be one person without one. Each time a player is out, remove another chair until you have a winner!

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