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Saturday, March 7, 2015


For Bailey's Pony Party, I put together a mini menu as the party was held in the morning (after breakfast but before lunch). I decided that I would splash out on the cake, so I actually made up the rest of the food myself (super proud of the muffins and hay bales I made from scratch!).

The Snacks
Carrot Stick Crudites and Apple Slices

Haybale Rice Crispie Treats
(all you need is a box of cereal and a bag of marshmallows - they are easy to make and so yummy!)

Mini Rolls with Hickory Ham or Salami 
(Amanda designed little food flags).
Cheddar Cheese Muffins
Natura Crisps (the kids LOVED these, so be sure to have lots on hand) 


The Drinks
I had little water bottles - with custom water bottle labels, and
A Milkshake Bar
(I filled a glass dispenser with lots of fresh full cream milk. The kids then got to pour the milk into our mini plastic milk bottles and then squeeze inside a choice of chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce. After I sealed the lid, the kids got to shake it up!). 
(Amanda designed little milk bottle labels and a WATERHOLE SIGN)


The Pony Party Series


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