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Monday, February 16, 2015

festive february

Who knew that February was such a fun and festive month? I usually only associated February with Valentine's Day - but this year there is so much going on. Just this week alone I have found three reasons to celebrate - and whilst I will not be throwing a real party for each one - I am going to do a few fun things to mark the days!

Every year I make pancakes, (and to be honest it is probably the only day that I do!).
But I am thinking of making it a little bit special by throwing some sprinkles into the mix to make funfetti pancakes!

We sometimes have Chinese take aways on a Sunday night, so this week we will do it on Thursday. Over the years I have started to collect a few Chinese decorative items for the table and every year I bring out that one box. So goodies like iron teapots, bamboo place mats, chopsticks and this year I have the ultimate table decoration: my friend Donna found me a lucky cat! Plus, this "holiday" is always a good excuse for me to replace my sad looking orchids.

As the show is so late at night, I usually give this a miss, but I figure I'll let the girls watch The Lego Movie (again!) - and we can throw a mini celebration because In Good Company finally has proper popcorn boxes in all different colours!

I am planning to share a few more ideas, so check back often this week!


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