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Thursday, November 20, 2014

my little pixy room

From a tiny country far up north, the little pixies have wandered too all corners of the earth, yet few know them well. They are shy and would much rather have us believe that they are made only of pure cotton from top to toe, but we know that deep inside of them, a sweet little Christmas heart is pounding.... In his room this little pixy sleeps soundly, all tucked up in his soft mattresses during the day, But at night, on each day of December he will sneak out to write the next day's date on the board and put a new gift in the cabinet (which is, thankfully, big enough for all kinds of treats!)

Featuring a bed area with 5 different mattresses, a bed cover and pillow, all beautifully decorated with a floral wallpaper and an oval little window. It has a separate wardrobe/storage room with the door painted in chalkboard paint which can be written on, and with a magnetic closure.

Below the bed, there is 2 pull out drawers made from natural wood with the exterior of the house painted in a soft french grey/green colour. The pixy doll is dressed in a removable grey tunic shirt a little potato rug and a chalk crayon.

Maileg Pixie Room
Wood and 100% cotton
40 cm wide x 30 cm tall x 13 cm deep.
Pixy doll is 23 cm tall
R1 495


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