GOOD LOOKS - Frozen Party Part 2

Saturday, November 8, 2014

frozen food, fun and favours

The Frozen movie provided such easy inspiration for the party food. As the official sleepover party was held in the evening (after pizza take-aways), I just put together some simple snacks and sweets:

Frozen Party Menu:
- Melted Snow (Water) Bottles covered with Olaf Labels and pretty paper cups and straws from the Chevron Divine Collection.

- I also thought it would be fun to make a big "melted Olaf", so I filled a dispenser with water and added a carrot nose, fake ping pong ball eyes (from Halloween) and added two chocolate bars for arms... It made for a great joke!

- Popcorn in Chevron Divine Paper Packets

- Tea Sandwiches - I just spread white Kiri Cheese on white bread (and don't you love the quotation on the tag?).

- Make your Own Olaf Ice Cream Sundae Bar: vanilla ice cream for the body, marzipan carrots for the nose, pretzels for arms, choc chips for the eyes and raisins for the buttons - all labelled with the Chevron Divine Food Picks and served in the ice cream bowls.

- For the cake, I just used a shop-bought ice cream log and decorated it with our printable Olaf Cake Topper and the Chevron Divine Mini Cake Bunting.

And for fun, the girls did a mixture of the following activities: 
- Built their own edible Snowman - using marshmallows and the goodies from the Ice Cream Bar.

- Watched the movie Frozen (multiple times!)
- Sang the Songs from the Movie for their own make-shift Karaoke Bar
- Pass the Parcel...

- Played Pin the Nose on Olaf - we have this as a free download as well as Pin The Crown on Elsa if you prefer. 

- Played with the table decorations: the mini Frozen figurines and the fake snow. If you haven't planned for other favours - these make for great ones!

For the favours, I also covered little Tic Tac Boxes with Olaf labels and popped them into Sambellina favour boxes with custom tags.

At the party, the girls also made their own Magic Trees which doubled as party favours - the best part was the girls waking up the next morning and their trees were fully grown.


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