IN GOOD HANDS - Pool Party Invite

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

flip flop

Have you jumped in your pool yet? As kids we always knew that the first of September marked the official date when the swimming season started - and now I like to think of it as the start of the party season! Along these lines, I was inspired by one of my Swiss customers and her pool party earlier this year and made my own version of her cool party invite!

A real flip flop to trace around
Coloured Paper
Marker Pen
Paper Flowers (I used the Meri Meri Mini Flower Garland).

1. On coloured paper, pencil around the outline of a flip flop.
2. Cut out the flip flop and pen in your party details.
3. In the centre part of the "ball of the foot" push a pencil through to make a small hole. Thread a 5cm length of ribbon through and tie a knot. At the middle part ("arch of the foot") make another hole and thread the ribbon through and tie a knot. Repeat for the other side.
4. Glue on some decorative paper flowers to the ribbon "thong" of the flip flop.
5. Place inside an envelope and send off to your guests for the Party of the Summer!


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