FOR GOOD TIME - Feature Friday

Friday, September 5, 2014

lasso letter

In honour of B's birthday yesterday, today's Feature Friday is actually an invitation idea I did for her Cowboy party two year's ago and is in Chapter 7 of For Good Times. It is still one of my favourite parties - and actually many of the Cowboy Party ideas are going to be "made pretty" for her pony party this year that I am planning for next week.

For all the details and lots more ideas - get your copy of FOR GOOD TIMES - plus get access to over a 100 free printables. Yee haw!


MATERIALS Printable Party Fill In Invitation | 160gsm White A4 Paper | A6 Red Cardboard | Red Envelope | Stapler with Staples | Horse Stickers | Twine | Scissors

DIRECTIONS 1 - Print the Printable Party Invitation onto white paper, cut out and pen in the party details. 2 - Staple the invitation in each corner to the red cardboard. 3 - Feed the red envelope into your printer taking note of the printer settings and print the Printable Party Envelope Cover. 4 – To make a miniature lasso, cut the twine into a piece 10cm in length, make a loop and tie a knot on one end. 5- Stick a horse sticker alongside the envelope’s printed text with the lasso tied around the neck. 6 - Place the invitation into the envelope. Hand out to guests.


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