UP TO GOOD - Our Swiss Shop

Saturday, March 15, 2014


So it was a big day for me today. As you may know I live most of the year in Switzerland now (but try as often as I can to be in SA) and for the past year I have been dreaming about having a shop that I can actually be "in". 

Today, after months of planning, prep., purchasing, box unpacking, pricing and displaying (all in German!) I opened an In Good Company shop in my home town Zug!

I have still lots to do to get it just right - but I thought I would share below the invitation and a little snap shot I took last night. And hopefully I will have some fine and fancy photos to show you soon soon.

So, I just wanted to give a little shout out and a BIG Thank You to all the lovely people that helped make this happen: Liam, Zara, Bailey, Donna, Jen and Leonette - and also a big thank you to the lovely ladies in SA who have had played such a big part too: Kerry, Amy, Stephanie, Amy T and Cari (with all my confusing emails now headed JHB or CT or CH!). 

And to all my friends (old and new!) here in CH, thank you so much for popping in, shopping up a storm and making sure I did not have to take boxes and boxes of cupcakes home!

And last but not least my Mom, Emily and my sister, Christine, who have heard word for word and step by step all about it! I am sure they are secretly hoping it is the third and last shop!


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