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Saturday, March 22, 2014

woodland baby shower

I have been a firm subscriber to Martha Stewart Living for the past 16 years (wow! didn't actually realise it was that long!); and really do enjoy her magazine - especially now as you can subscribe to the digital version on zinio (but I still like to get the hard copy). 

This month's Easter issue is particularly cute (there's a real bunny on the cover!) as it features the loveliest baby shower. Here are some of the photos and for the full article, see here

1. The stationery created by Darcy Miller - I like the idea of having a standard sized invitation card, but then having a mini envelope with the details inside. And how pretty is that envelope lining?

2. The use of cookie cutters: to make pretty iced biscuits, cut out sandwiches and even crackers for the cheese board!

3. The table centrepieces: glass cloches placed on top of wooden stands and filled with foilage, mini deers and nests with eggs.

4. The toy cake toppers! 

5. The home-made favours of soaps and lavender sachets made beautiful with the addition of themed illustrations. How sweet are the little parcels of mushroom marshmallows? It just shows that simple things can be made special when repackaged.


Miki said...

Oh, my! So much cuteness!

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