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Sunday, February 9, 2014

happy b-day, all day

It's the husband's birthday today - and it is SO hard to find a gift for him - and each year it just gets harder. So, this year I spotted a cool idea on Pinterest - naturally. I wrapped 12 coupons of favours (you could wrap small gifts if you prefer) of all the things he hates to do or often results in mini arguments. Now he can use a card sometime during the year and I will do it (happily!): taking out rubbish, packing away your laundry, being allowed to pick the movie or be in charge of the TV remote control, sleeping in late, going out really late etc. you get the idea.

The best part of the pressie is that he opens one card every hour on the chosen hour throughout the birthday... We are on card four now... and the girls and Liam are loving it! And Liam had the idea that he also gets a kiss on the hour too! (Great idea for Valentine's Day as well!).


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