GOOD LIFE - Donna's Christmas Coffee Morning

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

christmas in an instant

My friend Donna had a Christmas Coffee morning yesterday and it was so much fun - too much as I was silly not to take any photos. But here were a few tips that you can use for your own morning.

1 - Throw a little party! Too often we make it seem like such a big deal but really it can be so easy and it is fun to have a few friends over for tea and cake - before the hectic holiday season starts and it is all about the family and extended family...
2 - As guests arrived we had them write their name on a label but it had to be alliterated, so Julie became "Jolly Julie" and "Coy Carolyn" - you get the idea, it was a great ice breaker especially as not everyone knew everyone and it immediately made the guests feel welcome.
3 - Set up a Drinks Station. I put the coffee machine, kettle, drinks dispenser all onto Donna dining room's sideboard that way guests could help themselves. It worked out great and saved Donna having to go to the kitchen all the time to put the kettle on.
4 - Speaking of drinks, over and above the tea, coffee, juice and water (get lots!) Donna made Gluhwein. I watched her make it and it literally took a few minutes. I will have to ask her for the detailed recipe but what I saw go in were 3 bottles of red wine, two sliced oranges, some star aniseed, cinnamon sticks and cloves. I think that was all? It took a few minutes to heat up and it smelled just like Christmas should!
5 - For food, we used a lot of the goodies from our Christmas Cheer range: so the paper plates, napkins, tiered stand and food picks. Donna made homemade truffles, mince pies and fruit cake and alongside had a cheese board, bread, sliced apples, pears, grapes and of course - a whole tray of Lindt Choccies!

6 - Lastly, I strung up the Christmas Cheer Bunting across the window and the party was all set up and ready in under 30 minutes! And the sign of a great coffee morning? The last guest left 4 hours later!


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