GOOD FUN - Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

oh deer!

So are you looking for a fun way to keep your kids and those young at heart entertained on Christmas Day. Then we have this cute game you can play, and it is a free download! 

 start printing!

All you have to do is print as big as you can this free poster of a Deer and paste to a wall. Then, if you aren't able to buy red circle stickers, print and cut out the little red sticker nose page as well. Adding tape or Prestik to the back of each one. For our game, I put each family member's initial on a nose so everyone knew whose nose was whose. 

 get pinning!

We then started by placing a blindfold on one player and spinning the blindfolded player in circles for a few seconds until they got a bit dizzy and lost their sense of direction. The blindfolded player tried to pin their red nose on the end of the deer's nose, trying to remember where the deer poster was hanging. When they placed their nose, their blindfold was removed. The second player could then have their turn. 

 keep on spinning!

Leave all the noses wherever they have been placed, until all players have had a chance. Then determine the winner: The winner is the player who places their nose closest to nose of the deer. Yay!

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