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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

king of the castle

At Zara's Princesses and Knights' Party, I had a whole host of games planned, but as I eluded to, most of these did not happen, as the boys were distracted with their swords! But if you are looking for some party games ideas - here what was on my list:
- Decorate the Castle ( as you can see the castle is still white! most of the kids did this for five seconds and then that was it!).

- Photo Booth Opportunity (most of the kids enjoyed a quick snapshot - I did this at the beginning whilst the guests were arriving!).

- Pass the Parcel (good fun).
- Musical Statutes (always a hit!).
- Treasure Hunt for the gold coins for the boys and diamonds for the girls (the kids loved this!).
- Fight the dragon and rescue the princess i.e. hit the dragon pinata (naturally a big hit!).
- Be awarded your princess and knight badge and certificate. (I wasn't sure if the kids liked their badges, but was thrilled to see the next day many of them sporting them at school!).


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