GOOD BOOKS - Sweet Paul Winter 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

a sweet christmas

The new Sweet Paul magazine issue for Winter 2013 is available to read online and there are some many lovely things to cook, bake, make and do. You can read it for free here, and soon our printed copies will be arriving in store. Some of favourites include:
- The thread spool trees - I actually found some wooden spools the other day in a craft store, so now at least I know what to make with them as they have just been sitting on my desk.
- The remake of a music box - definitely think I need to give this a shot, especially now that I have decided on a Swan Lake Ballet Theme Birthday Party for Zara's 7th.
- Speaking of parties, I am planning a Christmas Apéro along the 12 Days of Christmas Carol and the Sweet Paul article on the French 13 Desserts has now solved half of my menu dilemma.


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