Monday, October 28, 2013

for good times

Yay! Today is possibly the best day ever! As I get to share with you all the best news and the best present I have ever received for my birthday: In Good Company's first book!

FOR GOOD TIMES is, yes in a word a book all about parties - twelve of them in fact, to keep you partying every month of the year! But I like to think it is a bit more than that too: it has amazing photography by the ever-so-talented Vanessa Lewis, the yummiest recipes (and what I like to call "keeping-it-real recipes") by foodie Taryne Jakobi, it has loads of craft ideas I stole from my Mom, my sister Christine's input for every page and the amazing design and production from Libby, Vicki and Craig of Quivertree Publications. You will most likely spot Amy, Kerry and Stephanie's hands, Nina (Vanessa's beautiful daughter), Sophia (Taryne's gorgeous litte girl), Zara and Bailey (my little ones), and all the other kids we could round up (friend-of-a-friend type of stuff) on the day. OH AND! The "still-can't-believe-he-said-yes" Sweet Paul's foreword - seriously I kid you not...

... I could go on and on, but really what I wanted to say besides that this is a dream come true, and there are so many people to thank - is the best part about the book is that in addition to buying the physical book, you get access to the FOR GOOD TIMES website's PRINTABLES section - which has over 100 free graphic files designed by Amanda and Micheal from Silvergate Design. Think invitations, bunting, food toppers, thank you tags... The full collection for every party - so all you have to do is push print and your party will really look like the pages of the book! Yay!

So how do you get a copy? The books are arriving and will ship at the end of November, but you can already place your order here if you live in South Africa and here if you live overseas.

And over the next few weeks we will be sharing lots more info. about the book and events - but if you are already craving some more sneak peeks - pop on over to the dedicated FOR GOOD TIMES Website.


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