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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

paul thurlby books

Who is Paul Thurlby? Well before I give you the details about the man; let us just say I think has made the best ABC and Animal Book ever. I even struggled to decide which category to list his goodies under our gifts section, as I love the book so much it could work just as well as a gift for babies/kids and us "young at heart" folks.

So who is Paul?
"Originally from Nottingham, now based in London, I have been a full-time illustrator since September 2006 after graduating from University in Buckinghamshire, England. I hold my pen in a funny way but it works just fine for me, thanks. I’ve built up an impressive list of commissions working in editorial, advertising, publishing and T-shirt design for clients including The New Yorker,
The Guardian, Tate Enterprises, It’s Nice That, The French Tourist Board, Templar Publishing, Orange UK and Warner/Chappell.

The inspiration for my work comes from mid-century design and illustration. My style has been described as being retro-modern. The aesthetics are retro and the subject matter is modern. I use old books, postcards and pieces of paper for the backgrounds to my illustrations which often, for example, involves buying an old book from a charity shop just to use its back cover."

Paul Thurlby
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