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Monday, July 1, 2013

tour de table

I am thinking of having a Tour De France Lunch/Dinner for my brother's birthday next week, and as he is obsessed with cycling it is perfect timing. I did a little practice run to see what I could come up with using party supplies already in our shop and things from around my house. Here are a few ideas that I think will help you put together a buffet and tablescape when faced with a theme that doesn't come all in a box with a bow on top!

- When faced with a tricky theme, a good idea is to declare your backdrop a makeshift photo wall. In this case I downloaded all the vintage poster images I could find off the internet of the Tour and then using washi tape taped them to the wall. This would work well for example if your theme was a movie like James Bond or your child's cartoon character (where no shop has the merchandise).

- The colour of the tour is black and yellow, so I used yellow paper cups, plates, napkins (luckily for me the My Little Day range yellow one is little triangles that I think look like mountains!) and then I used the Black and White range for stripy straws, arrow signs, tented place cards, cupcake wrappers and the set also has blank note cards for invitations and favour bags. Just by focusing on one or two colours can bring a theme across.

- Think about what "things" your theme is made up of: in this case the Tour is all about cycling in France. So I analysed the posters and things that popped out for me were: bikes cycling on the road, cycling past national monuments, cycling through Parisian streets, cycling in the countryside past fields of sunflowers etc. And so with this in mind, I was able to gather decorative items for the table:
* A toy bicycle was placed as the centrepiece alongside a large Eiffel Tower (stolen from my daughter's bedroom).

* I found some road masking tape from a recent racing car table I did, but one could easily make this from coloured paper too.

* I have started to build a little collection of wooden houses, so these became the houses along the road side.

* Sunflowers were arranged in cycling water bottles as vases. (note: do not use ones you actually use, I got in big trouble from the hubby and have now given him an excuse to get new ones).

* I used these little glass jars to fill with sweets, don't you think they look like bicycle wheels?

- Now all I have to do is add some Parisian food and I am done. I am thinking a Continental Style breakfast of cold meats, cheeses, croissants etc. And then maybe have a make your own trail mix?


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