GOOD EVENTS - Opening Party Raffle

Saturday, June 1, 2013

how many washi can you see?

We are pretty excited as it is just over a week till our Opening Party in Cape Town (Saturday 8th June). To kick off the celebrations we have decided to start already with one of our fun activities in store: Guess how many washi tapes are in the jar. 

Maike has filled a glass jar with lots and lots of rolls of washi tape. You then write on a slip of paper your email address (your entrance fee) and how many rolls you think are inside. The person who guesses the right answer (or the one closest to the number) wins the jar and all the tape inside!

So pop into our store no. 4 Cavendish Street, Claremont anytime this week and give it a go. Winner to be announced on Saturday midday.


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