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Saturday, May 25, 2013

the after party effect

I have just figured out what is the worst thing about having a party! It is finding the perfect goodie AFTER the party. And this seems to happen to me all the time! Like when I had Zara's First Birthday Party, here was NOTHING in the whole of South Africa for Strawberry Shortcake, so much so I had half my suitcase full of these goodies when I went on a business trip to Australia (and seriously ran the risk of not being allowed back into SA as my suitcase could very well have set those sniffer dogs off what with everything smelling so fruity). And then, no lies, one week later she dominated an entire aisle in Toys 'R Us. And this has now happened to me again...

Last year Bailey had a full-on Cowgirl Party; but I am sad to say without these pretty awesome cow print balloons! So for all you moms out there you can now get these funky balloons for your Farm Yard or Cowboy party. I even think they would be cool for a Milk and Cookies themed baby shower!


curiousty killed the cat said...


the cow print balloons aren't on your site. Where can i get them please?


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