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Sunday, April 28, 2013

miss darcy reunion

So my sister and to some extent I am, absolutely obsessed with Pride and Prejudice. It is one of those books that I have actually read many times, my sister countless. And of course! we have watched the movies too many times too! As we don't see each other as much as we used to, it is becoming a bit of a ritual to watch the rerun, take tea and catch up. So when the British company Bombay Duck created this fine porcelain tea set and even named it "Miss Darcy" I knew we were onto something!

What's more, the range has now expanded to include coffee drinkers, so you can get the mugs that are just as lovely as the tea cups and this little espresso set.


Totally inspired now to plan our next reunion all around the "Miss Darcy" theme. And no conversation about P&P would be complete without a quote:

No! No. You may only call me "Mrs. Darcy"... when you are completely, and perfectly, and incandescently happy. 

Miss Darcy Collection


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