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Saturday, April 20, 2013

idea no. 1

This year, I am missing Mothers Day on the 12th May, so I have declared that my twin sister Christine is in charge. She in turn delegated to me all the planning (down to the very last detail) and then she will execute it on the day.

So, whilst I am still deciding on the decorations, table and menu; I thought I could already start giving her some gift ideas.

Gift Idea Number One - A Real Recipe Book
When we were little my mom used to bake a lot, but life got in the way and only recently has she started up again (thanks to the Food Channel!). It has been a real treat for us all, as we can literally "taste" our childhood all over again - and my kids get to share in it too. Just last week we had peanut butter cookies, complete with the fork mark and everything! 

So, Christine I was thinking we need to get Mom a proper recipe organiser. Her "file" from the 1970's has now yellowed with age and I fear she may have lost the Banana and Pecan Nut Cake recipe (dare I say that!). What do you think Noo?

Cath Kidston Recipe Organiser
Creating a custom recipe book has never been easier! This sturdy and stylish three-ring binder is neatly organised course-by-course, with space to write cherished recipes, and store magazine clippings and Internet printouts. Featuring ample pockets for extra storage, as well as handy tear-out shopping lists, and a variety of helpful cooking charts, the Cath Kidston Recipe Organiser is an all-in-one source for kitchen inspiration.
R230 each

P.S. This post is a good test to see if my sister actually does read my blog every day as she claims - and I need not worry about my Mom reading this (whilst she knows all about Facebook, Skype and even Pinterest - she hasn't really caught on to what a "blog" is and where to find one - let alone mine!).


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