GOOD PLAN - The Wizard of Oz

Thursday, March 7, 2013

we're off to see the wizard

Tomorrow is the start of the in-cinema releases around the world of the exciting installment of the movie "OZ"! Pretty excited to go and see the flick, and even more excited as today we are starting a new GOOD PLAN on the blog where we will be sharing all our inspiration, ideas, DIY, recipes and free printables for you to throw your own Wizard of Oz party!

I have to admit I had never seen the movie before I had my own kids, and I don't think I had ever read the book. So it has been fun doing "research" with Zara and Bailey, and even sweeter how they came up with some great party ideas all on their own. I haven't had the heart to tell them that there is not actually going to be a real party!

And for an exciting fact of the day, did you know the book has them as "silver slippers" and not red. But for the movie red was chosen as it would stand out better in technicolour!


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