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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ruby red slippers

Usually, when it comes to themed parties, I kind of avoid craft projects if I can buy the goodies instead - largely because it more often than not works out cheaper unless of course you are going to be making ALOT of the same thing. However, I always end up doing some kind of DIY because it is usually the case you can't find what you are looking for, for any price!


A case in point were the ruby red slippers for our Wizard of Oz Party. In short you can not have an Oz party without them, and as every colour glitter ballet slipper was in store EXCEPT for red, I knew it was time for some DIY. And I am so glad I did, as I may have to qualify my first statement as I think it definitely worked our cheaper than the real thing.


All I did was buy some cheap kiddies red slippers, some spray glue and a pot of red glitter, and ta-da - "my own magic shoes". And these would make the perfect favour for all your girlie guests too!

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